AWS DevOps Workshop

Join us for the workshop we will perform within a 120 hours program. You only need an AWS account and a notebook with a ssh client.

Location: LONDON, United Kingdom


  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Introduction to Infrastructure
    • OSI layers ve networking
    • Storage technologies
    • Cloud vs on-premises
  • What is DevOps compatible software?
  • Introduction to AWS (EC2, S3, IAM, VPC, Route53)  + workshops
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk + workshops
  • AWS Opsworks + workshop
  • AWS Cloudformation + workshop
  • AWS Codepipeline + workhop
  • Jenkins – ElasticBeanstalk workshop
  • Docker workshop
  • Jenkins – Docker – GitHub deployment pipeline workshop

If you want to learn more and pre-register, please get in touch with us! (Please confirm your email after registration)

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