AWS DevOps Workshop

Join us for the workshop we will perform for 6 days. You only need an AWS account and a notebook with a ssh client.

Location: LONDON, United Kingdom

Exact dates will be clarified based on your participation, most probably during July or August. 

Bonus: Site visit to London based software companies (For the ones who requested during registration)


  • Day1:
    • Introduction to DevOps: History, Principles, Practices, Culture/Organization
    • Introduction to Cloud/Infrastructure: IaaS/PaaS/SaaS/CaaS/FaaS, OSI Layers, Networking, Storage Technologies
  • Day2:
    • DevOps & Micro Services open discussion
    • Introduction to AWS: IAM, EC2 (Includes hands-on-labs)
  • Day3:
    • AWS: S3, VPC, Route53 (Includes hands-on-labs)
  • Day4:
    • AWS: ElasticBeanstalk, CloudFormation (Includes hands-on-labs)
  • Day5:
    • Jenkins: Basics, Pipelines, AWS&ElasticBeanstalk Deploy (Includes hands-on-labs)
  • Day6:
    • Docker Essentials: Basics, Architecture, Dockerfile, Images, Networking, Volumes, Compose, Stack deploy, Swarm basics, AWS ECS basics (Includes hands-on-labs)

If you want to learn more and pre-register, please get in touch with us! (Please confirm your email after registration)

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