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    Max Scalf

    Great stuff as usual…

    Quick question…could you please explain the below ??…. What exactly do you mean by owner id??…is the AWS account ID or ?

    owner=’your_id’ #Your owner id is necessary for your snapshots

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      Onur SALK

      Hi Max,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, it is your account id.

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    I get this error:
    “local variable ‘ask_for_snapshot’ referenced before assignment”
    I moved the ‘if’ paragraph line 98-104 inside the ‘if’ on line 96, this got rid of the error

    also probably not important but,
    line 74 “if snapshot_creation<0:" but in your example above is set to 3

    Thanks for the script, very useful πŸ™‚


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