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    Vikram Seshadri

    Hi Onur,
    Great article. I am currently trying to create a cross region read replica via CFT(Cloud formation template). Do you know if this feature is supported? I keep getting the error: “Cannot create a cross region unencrypted read replica from encrypted source” although I have clearly specified the StorageEncrypted parameter as true in my CFT. Any suggestions?


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      Onur SALK

      Hi Visram,

      Thanks for your comment. If you check RDS documentation, it says “Because KMS encryption keys are specific to the region that they are created in, you cannot replicate encrypted DB clusters across regions.”. However, approximately, one month ago, AWS announced this feature. The problem may be that CF doesn’t support this and I suggest you to start a thread with AWS developer forum.

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        Vikram Seshadri

        Ok will do. Thanks!

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      Hi Vikram
      Did you create a cloudformation template to bring up a read replica? Im facing the same problem right now and I did bee found something related to this topic.


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